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Rohs smart balance wheel


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My son got the smart balance wheel like a Hoover board

Everyone was riding it yesterday at Christmas

We got home and it's been beeping non stop all night and this morning

We didn't want to plug it in and we try to push the power button and nothing happens

Help what is going on?

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Hey Stacey,

It sounds like you were unlucky and where ever you got it from sold you a faulty hoverboard. The board not turning off is an internal circuitry problem and it can't be "fixed." I recommend either:

  1. Returning it to the seller
  2. Buying a hoverboard replacement sensor kit
  3. Having a hoverboard repair shop near you fix it
  4. Send it in for repair (we offer this) 

Thanks and sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but nobody else seemed to be able to help answer your question around here! If you find a shop nearby also please let us know! We're going to be making a guide for people that shows them shops nearest to them :)


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