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Day 1:

King Song 1 - Free Ride 0

First impressions... SMALL, it's actually a lot smaller that I pictured it.  Looks very nice all black.  

Didn't get far on learning to ride it.  Only manage to get on it with the help of a door way, but then the fun ended as a realized the tire pressure was way to low.  Turns out is basically flat, not enough air to even more the pressure gauge.  I don't have a hand pump that I could find and couldn't power the compressor.  I see what people say about the design of the value stem being really bad... it's horrible.  What a big let down though to find the wheel you're so excited to try has arrived with "no" air in the tire. The game ended before it started with King Song taking the day.

Hopefully Day 2 will be better.  

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Mine was very low too. Depends on how long the wheel was sitting on the shelf before someone bought it. My Gotway's were new so they had good pressure, but I think my new KS14C had been sitting on the shelf for many months. Good luck.

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