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EUC usage profiles


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From discussions in the forum I got the impression that there are two distinct usage profiles, somewhat similar to cycling, that in particular ask for different technical specifications of the EUC. 

Recreational touring EUC with a range of 35-70km and speed limit requirements at or rather beyond 25km/h. Machine weight is not an important parameter. 

Commuting EUC with a range of 15-35km and speed limit requirements at or below 25km/h as it is often used in more dense traffic. Machine weight is typically another relevant parameter in this case. 

Of course some commuters need larger range and higher speed and some recreational users are content with the transportation range and speed.

Other less frequent profiles might then be the Trick EUC with possibly even lower requirements on range and speed, but on the shape and weight, and the Learning and Toy EUC with the only requirement to actually self-balance :)

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