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Calibration Rockwheel GR16

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I "upgraded" from the Airwheel X3 to the Rockwell GR16.  The bump up in speed and acceleration is really awesome.  However, I have noticed of late that the gyro calibration on my Rockwheel is probably a little off.  Let me try and explain what I mean.  I usually ride with the battery/LED indicator on my left.  Nowadays, when I switch over and ride with the battery/LED indicator on the right, I feel that the pedal is a little off and not completely level. With the LED on my left, I feel that I need to lean forward less to move forward when compared with the LED on my right. If the calibration is accurate, there should not be any difference.

How do I check if the calibration on my Rockwheel and make the necessary correction/adjustment (if any)?  

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