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Ninebot One E+ (N2O) from May '16 (Germany/EU)

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Hey Guys,

as four Ninebots are at least one too much, I have to get rid of one.

I'm selling my Ninebot One E+ that I have left in/near Stuttgart, Germany. I bought that one in May 2016 through Aliexpress. I rode it for about 2-3 months (400km in total, no crashes) before I moved to the US. 

The wheel is in an excellent condition. I stored it at about 40% Battery as I was planning to use it while I'm going to visit my parents over Christmas. 

Pictures attached (I was only able to upload one, if you want more, let me know).

All accessory (charger, inflation adapter and so on) is included.

I'm happy to ship it after payment if you take the shipping charges. I was thinking about 650€, if you're interested - let's talk!

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On 12/19/2016 at 8:33 AM, William S Pender said:

Would you be shipping from the US or Germany?

This one I would be shipping from Germany.

Another user here already asked me for a quote, shipping to the US would be 68.99€ with DHL. Shouldn't be a problem though, now that the E+ got a certification.

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