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from newbie to mountain climber in 6 weeks (sorta)


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Today the weather cleared, for the first time in days. So it was time to put up or shut up.  I'm referring to climbing mount Montgo, situated between Denia, and Xabia/Javia, Spain.  I've driven it a few times, and stated that I'd like to wheel it some day.  The road doesn't go all the way to the top, but it does climb and descend several hundred feet, with great views on the way up and down.

well, to cut a long story short, I did it.  Both ways on a ks14c 340wh that I'm not sure was fully charged. It's 7 km each way, so an average of 3.5 km up and 3.5 km down, each way. I shot a series of videos along the way using a dash cam app that also records the speed, so I don't have to guess how fast I'm going.

btw according to gps a 14c will hit around 26/27 kph before protesting. And by protesting, I mean a serious tilt back that almost threw me down the road yesterday; something I was not anxious to repeat on a mountain road ? Today, so when I hear that final warning, I heed it well.

and to think, 6 weeks ago, I couldn't even ride the blood thing.

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