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Do we have any info on the Gotway Monsters torque or top speed compared to a V3s

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I think what's generally called torque here is how strong it can rotate the tire. I was just not sure if the calculation is that simple.. As we don't have any proper testing of these vehicles then 18/22 = 82% torque is a good guess.

I don't have much interest in a 22" wheel myself, but from the picture I saw in the other thread it's a pretty slim looking motor that could fit inside a 16" tire. Using this calculation this same motor installed in a 16" wheel would give 22/16 = 137.5% torque, compared to the Monster. I hope they can make a new 16" wheel with an integrated trolley.


It's true that 22" would produce 122% speed compared to an 18" wheel at least in a lift test or comparing them on a treadmill because 22/18 = 122%. But we still have the same power. Maybe the 84V Msuper is already hitting the power limit at top speed because of air resistance.. If so the top speed might be the same (100%)...

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