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I made money with my EUC


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Ok. Maybe "made" is the wrong word, but I did come home richer than I was when I left.  Let me 'splain:

Riding along near Denia marina, Spain. Cool day, windy, lots of clouds, not many people about.  I'm watching the road surface in front of my wheel, as you do, and I sees a colourful piece of paper,  folded loosely, multiple times.  As I wheels by I thinks, "hmmmmm. That looks worth investimigating,"  so I wheels back and picks it up.  Yes ladles and jelly spoons, it was genuine cold hard cash; a whole 5 European paso note. Yippie!! Of course I frantically looked for the rightful owner....NOT! I refer to my comment above "not many people about" infact, there was no one within 200 m.  Finders keepers.

not sure why ims breaking into Popeye the Sailor Man- speak, today. But? There it is.

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