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Can I swap over battery to get longer range?


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Hello comrades,

Your help would much appreciated.

I have both of these EUC's - see pictures attached. The blue one (sold as Monowheel G11 I think). The red one (sold as Solowheel but unmarked).

The blue one is battered and generally not good, e.g. the footrests are low and scrape when going down. However it has a longer range - 10 km.

The red one is in good condition and easy to ride  but only has a range of 6km.

Unfortunately, I don't know any of their technical details.

Question: Before I open them up, does anyone know if a) it's a good idea to swap the batteries from the blue one to the red one to get the longer range, and  is it possible?

Many thanks





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You could open up the wheels to see how much room there is to do a swap and maybe check battery voltages with a multimeter.  A large number of wheels run on 67.2 volt battery packs so they might be interchangeable if the plugs match up.  Be sure to double check polarity just in case.  Swapping connectors might be necessary if each wheel uses different connectors.

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