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The Ninebot conspiracy theory by jojo33

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The Ninebot Conspiracy Theory by jojo33/mini-j

Here are some theories about Ninebot, and you will tell me what you think about it


1- The regional blocking of the Mini Xiaomi N3M240 since last April:
The N3M240 called "xiaomi" is normally licensed for sale in the US and Europe.
I deduce that it is the Western dealers who asked the blocking of the "Xiaomi Mini N3M240" to better sell the MINI PRO N3M320


2- NINEBOT CHINA and Chinese dealers are the same person:
How and why does XIAOMI NINEBOT CHINA allow resellers to continue to export XIAOMI MINI?
The XIAOMI MINI are authorized to be sold in the West, they all have inscriptions in English on the battery and inside and there is a manual in English.
Western dealers did not want to distribute the XIAOMI MINI, only the MINI PRO.
NINEBOT CHINA has a large stock of MINI N3M240, it has opened online shops on ALIEXPRESS and ALIBABA to sell them.
In China XIAOMI is powerful, if it wanted to block the export sale of MINI N3M240, it would have already done so.


3- the firmware V1.2.8 which limited the speed of the n3m240 to 16kmh was made at the request of the western dealers to justify the price of a more powerful mini


What do you think about it?

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