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KS14c, Level Calibration, the correct way.


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Edited to include actual beep events when and where they happen.

Total time once you've done it a few times, 20 to 30 seconds.


So if your reading this, you're either too tired to sleep, or you've discovered, like I did, that the Kingsong app was written in a hurry by someone who didn't, even once, try out all its features to see if they work, or talk to at least one native English speaker, or one of the millions of Chinese people who speak impeccable English,  to correct the comical chinglish instructions provided in the app.

So, ignore the chinglish instructions and do this instead: ( read all the way through first, including notes at the end)

note. Level calibration is actually a bit misleading.  You can set ANY angle you like with this procedure.  0* lean may be fine for 98% of riders, but if you feel like you want to try a different "at rest" angle, then do it.  You can always put it back, if you don't like it.



1. Wheel on, app open, app connected to wheel, app level calibration screen open, wheel propped up and secured against a wall and level left to right. Use a spirit level or a level app on your phone and put it on the open pedal facing you ( don't use the phone the Kingsong app is on otherwise you won't have access to that app).   At this time it will show the current degree of lean. You CAN'T change it at this stage, just note it, and decide if you will need to change it later. If you're happy with the angle, then stop now, you're done.

2. Push the calibrate button on the app screen.  Wheel will start beeping about 3x per second. Nothing  else will happen. Wait a few seconds.

3. WITHOUT MOVING THE WHEEL, turn the wheel off. Wait a few seconds.

If you want a DIFFERENT angle from what you observed in step1., then tilt your wheel to the desired angle NOW, using the angle indicating  device on the pedal as a reference.

4. WITHOUT MOVING THE WHEEL ANYMORE, HOLD THE WHEEL POWER BUTTON DOWN, and watch the power meter LEDs, they should start lighting up two by two. Each lighting of 2 LEDs is accompanied by a beep, 5 in total.  Once all ten are lit (5 beeps), the beeper will emit a continuous tone.  Release  the power button.  The tone will continue.

5. leave it alone for a few seconds, then turn it off.

6. Leave it alone for a few seconds then turn it on again, and the new angle should be set.  Refer to your angle measuring device, still on the pedal,  to confirm that your new chosen angle has been set.


Reason for level side to side, is, I believe, important because the control board has a 45* cut off either side of vertical ( for safety reasons) so, for this to be accurate, and for what ever other computations the board uses this angle sensor for, keep it level, don't just lean it against a wall.

if you have a one-side-only battery like I do in my 340wh wheel, lean the battery side ( side with charging port) against the wall, so the weight of the battery pulls it into the wall and doesn't tip it over, ( which would be the case if the battery side was facing you).

Once you have set your new level, or confirmed the existing level, spin your unit around ( still switched on) so that the other pedal is facing you, and put your level measuring device on this pedal.  I did, and found that my left pedal leans back 1* more relative to my right pedal.  Something I'm going to have to sort out.  This Is OBVIOUSLY the reason I can't ride backwards ?

let me know if you discover something different from this, and I'll modify this post, if necessary.

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