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Southern California Whittier Meetup for 04Dec2016

Marty Backe

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Come join us for some off-road fun as we traverse the local mountains of Whittier. We will meet Sunday at 9am at the Ralph's parking lot. See Google Maps

It's about a 2 mile ride to the Trail Head

See the video posted here for a preview of the riding conditions.

Please post here if you intend to join us and we'll be sure to wait for you.

@jrkline @noisycarlos @Questor @nbxpq3 @Sketch @Roll Model@enigma35

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47 minutes ago, Questor said:

Wish I could but I'm out of CA...

Hey Marty, I may have a Msuper V3 by mid December, then we can take big rolls.


No problem. I'm just inviting everyone who has shown an interest. I'm off from work the last couple of weeks of December, so I'm going to be trying lots of new trail riding.

Hope you get the MSuper. Drop me a line when you have one - it's fun to ride without having to think about the battery.

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