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I have PMS


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A while ago I suggested alternative names for the EUC

i tried Superior Transportation Device, but I was informed that STD was already taken.

so then I tried Superior Transportation Instrument.  But, alas, I found out STI was taken too.

so this week I have a new foolproof TLA ( three letter acronym, for those with ESL-- also a TLA)

But before I reaveal the new proposed splendid name, this is how I came up with it.  You know at some airports there are escalators that don't escalate, or de-escalate; in other words, they are horizontal.  I think they call them moving sidewalks.  Well, as I was wafting around gracefully, the other day ( on my wheel ) it felt like I was on a moving sidewalk, standing still while the world moved by.  But not just any old moving sidewalk, a Personal Moving  Sidewalk, a PMS.  What do you think??!!

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18 minutes ago, Hunka Hunka Burning Love said:

Anyone seen @Greg Spalding lately?  He's like dropped off the face of the EUC planet. 6b567c5d48.jpg  


Probably taking a well deserved vacation! Treating little kiddos on a daily basis can really wear you down no matter how much you love them!

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