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Motion actuated EUC photography

Bob Eisenman

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I've been toying with Raspberry Pi computers longer than I've been riding a Ninebot. I've noticed what great photographers and videographers some EUC riders are on this forum. My photography and videos are average to below average in interest but I doubt that buying a GoPro would improve my videos very much. I thought I might try a new approach to EUC photography with motion actuated photography on the Raspberry Pi computer. I'm running the Raspberry PIXEL OS, using the new 8 megapixel camera and capturing motion actuated photos with an installed script called 'pi-timolo.py' which is a python2 script discussed by another Raspberry Pi user on YouTube:

The setup in my configuration file was adjusted to

Threshold = 16

Sensitivity = 100

Motion average = 100

Which made two captures after going the length of the driveway and back. It's kind of awkward to take photos this way but the motion capture idea is useful in other areas of photography. Without a touchscreen for the Pi the motion actuated photographer would use SSH from a local networked computer or smartphone to run the command ' python pi-timolo.py' which starts the motion capture script.

Bob Eisenman




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