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miniPRO price drops to EUR549 on Amazon France

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I bought one on the BF/CM sale and joined this forum.  I'm already dreaming of an EUC though, but this will be a good stepping stone I hope.  They sold a few handles also as one color sold out even after they increased the price $40.  I really wanted a handle, but the price relative to the price of the main unit just didn't seem fair and then I still needed to add a quick-release since I would want to switch back and forth for different riders or situations.  I'll see in the future maybe I'll do it if I get an EUC and the miniPro becomes a trainer and for use in higher traffic areas.  Even though the they are much cheaper in the Asian market I was happy with the price and quick delivery. Gotta love Amazon.  The rain has kept me from going any distance, but I'm hopeful on the weekend to complete the tutorial. 

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