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msuper v2 galaxy s7 app not working

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On ‎30‎.‎10‎.‎2016 at 2:42 AM, felixtm.com said:

Anyone had luck with the msuper v2 and galaxy s7?

I installed the package and my phone finds the wheel but the app does not.

As far as i know the Msuper v2 Needs a very, very old app Version....Only the new wheels V3, ACM, MCM4, MCM3 are working with Bluetooth Low Energy-BLE or BT4...

The MsuperV2 has an (old)BT2 chip and so Needs an old app, as the new app dont support BT2 anymore...

Please correct me someone if i'm wrong :-)

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I use Note5 Android 6.0.1. Just got my new MSuper V2. I am able to use the old Gotway app to change setting and look at the speed etc without any issue. My Gotway app is the one called "Gotway 4.0 Dual English Chinese" file size is 680kb.

I first turn on the MSuper, then turn on my phone's bluetooth. Make the first connection so my phone remembers it on the bluetooth device list. Disconnect the phone's bluetooth. Go to the app and click Yes to turn on bluetooth. Click the connect icon, then the MSuper will appear as a device to connect. Without first connecting the Msuper with the phone's bluetooth, it won't appear as a device in the app.

Then accessing the app's menu is tricky. The newer android does not have the menu button anymore. Holding the left soft key (recent app key) and I got the error saying that the app does not support split screen view. What I did was to use the Dexterity function in the phone's setting menu to add the Assistant menu. The little blue circle appears where I can click it to get to home, lock etc. While you are in the Gotway app, the "more option" option will appear in the Assistant menu, pressing that will bring up the gotway menu where you can set the ride mode, alarm setting etc. 

Hope it helps.

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Just got my msuper 2 and I can connect it after putting in the 1234 pin o' the "dual 4.0" but I tried on older phone as well and I can connect it... But only for a split second, then it says "connected"  but the app crashes :( do

 I need 3.4 version?

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