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Kingsong 14c 680wh or 340wh incl. Trolley incl. Insurance/number Plate


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selling my nice Ks14c in GERMANY! Why? 

too much wheels ;-) 

link to see in german ebay:



English facts:

black color, normal scratches

from February 2016 bought on KS France as 340wh...warranty batterie Feb 2017 motor Feb 2018

in April 2016 upgrade to 680wh by 1Radwerkstatt.de

you can buy as 340 or 680wh version like you want

Only driven about 300-350km at all! so very very little usage on motor and batterie

including trolley, including insurrance/number plate until Feb 2017(both worth 100€)


680wh with all goodies: 899 euro negotionable

as 340wh with all goodies: about 200 Euro less then


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