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[SOLD] Kingsong 14c Ultra 840Wh/800W with Fast Charger

Sweet M

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Selling my Kingsong 14c Ultra 14" 840Wh/800W Motor with fast charger purchased from Jason @ Ewheels. Excellent condition with less than 100 miles on it only being charged ~3 times!  I weigh ~ 180 pounds and this Ultra unit will travel ~ 40 miles on full charge, top speed ~ 18-19 mph, and requires only ~ 2-3 hrs to fully charge from low battery level.  Very dependable and stable wheel. 

Selling it for $900 + FREE FEDEX GROUND SHIPPING in the continental US!  

Reason ya ask................ needing the money for moving expenses!  I have a KS 18A and Inmotion V8 so really need to part with one of my 3 wheels and the KS 14 just happened to be the one I chose.


Feel free to ask any questions!

Prefer transaction to be through Paypal.






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57 minutes ago, John Eucist said:

Excuse my ignorance but what does the "Ultra" mean when it comes to the KS14C?  I've seen it mentioned elsewhere too.

Its just what Jason Mcneil called his mark III KS14C.  He had certain improvements made over the previous iteration such as 840wh MJ1 cell battery ( over standard 680wh MG1), better waterproofing at seams ( by adding a strip of rubber gasket on the interior), slight changes to the bloototh/ light display, covered usb port for better waterproofing, etc

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