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[SPLIT] plus and avatar talk

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33 minutes ago, HEC said:

Only new "problem" so far is the mysterious Full Member Plus status ... ;)

"Plus" members are allowed a higher quota on several things like reputation giving, inbox size, and some increase in posting limits and stuff.  You seem to fit the criteria for this so I just made you "Plus" too.  There's only four "Plus" members in the entire forum currently (including you).  Most people will not need this.

PS. I still hate your "moving insect" profile picture. :D 

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18 hours ago, John Eucist said:

There's only four "Plus" members in the entire forum currently (including you).  Most people will not need this.

Thank you - I'm really honoured! And I'd actually use the benefit of increased reps as even after recent doubling to 40 I do occasionally manage to run out of those.

In regards of the "avatar" I'm still in search of even more annoying one :P 

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Welcome to the "Plus" club, @HEC.  :D  Let me be your guide to this exclusive membership privilege.  ^_^  Over here you will find the Plus MembersTM only pool and spa area.  On your left is the exotic topless massage clinic staffed exclusively by Russian models to help relieve your sore muscles after long EUC trips and posting long messages on the forums.  In this room, we have the member's only refreshment bar with seafood buffet.  A courtesy chauffeur is on hand 24/7 to drive you where ever you wish to go.  Please remember to present your Plus MembersTM card when entering the premises.

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Hey how did you get in here?!  May I see your Plus MembersTM  card please, sir?  Sorry, Steve454, that is a Chucky Cheese frequent flyer pizza card.  You need a Plus MembersTM card to be allowed access to this area.  Don't have one?  Didn't think so.  

Please put down that dwarf bunny, sir.   Sorry, I will have to ask you to leave immediately as this is a private Plus MembersTM area only.  And no, you may NOT have a complimentary PM swag bag.  Security, code epsilon code epsilon!

<aside to @John Eucist> I think we need to beef up our security measures to avoid the riff raff... er uninvited guests from accidentally entering the premises.  We do have standards to uphold afterall.  -_-


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1 hour ago, HunkaHunkaBurningLove said:



Can I still have access to the private petting zoo?  :(  Boy, that was the shortest exclusive club I've ever belonged to and got kicked out of.  :rolleyes:

I understand - and I feel your pain! 

Now you should change your avatar to that new picture (minus the words), because...

  1. It will continually make @John Eucist feel guilty, and
  2. Your current avatar just isn't "you. "
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2 hours ago, John Eucist said:

BOTH of the following had happened to me due to @HEC's avatar:

1) Thought there was a bug on my screen.

2) A real bug was on my screen and thought (for a moment) "oh that's just HEC's avatar"



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Yay!   My faith in mankind has been restored! 

Edit:. Oh I just realized that some ... er... most of you likely didn't know what happened or probably don't care, but okay here's the condensed version recap:

1.  Me, party of the first part, was in celebratory glee to have attained my exclusive and highly cherished "+" status.

2.  While guiding @HEC the bug member around the exclusive Plus member area, I was so rudely interrupted by a non-member (it's ok @steve454 we'll forgive you this one time).

3. After this unceremonious interruption, I was unexplainably and bluntly told about my demotion and subsequent withdrawal of Russian massage services by a high ranking forum member who will remain unnamed.  We shall refer to him as John Doe Nucleist (hereafter referred to as JDN).

4.  Period of sadness ensues.  We won't linger on that part.  Let's just say it was similar to the feeling you get watching baby pandas skinned alive for their soft black and white pelts.  In brief words - shocking sadness.  Yes, shocking sadness is what I'd sum it up as.

5.  Unnamed helpful, weight challenged forum member suggests sublime methods to regain former esteemed status through guilt coersion.  Avatar appropriately was adjusted and a certain hurtful quote incorporated into signature.

6.  Chaos ensues as forum enters state of confusion.  Memes deleted and posts edited behind the scenes by higher ups.  Documents shredded and Watergate-like activities participated in.  I missed that part unfortunately so I must embellish a little here.  PM sent to me by JDN requesting signature removal and rightful restoration of full plus priviliges!  Yay!

7.  Faith in mankind restored.  :D

I'm pushing my luck here a bit, aren't I?  :P

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