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Charging Problem, any idea?

Fujiwara Drift

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The light on the charger initially turn red, but in less than a minute it changed to green, When turning on the hoverboard while charging, the light on the hoverboard is blinking orange.

I've changed the charger to a new one, same issue.

I've checked the power port under the case, its all tight and not loose.

Any ideas will be appreciated.


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On 21.10.2016 at 10:57 AM, Fujiwara Drift said:

please advise the steps on how to do this?

I have no hoverboard, never opened one and did not really look anytime at any detailed pictures of the interor of hoverboards...

For real step to step instruction you'd need someone experienced with hoverboards, best with especially your hoverboard. So for step to step instruction one would need to know which hoverboard you have!

Maybe also looking to an dedicated hoverboard forum would give you a better chance to find someone? This is an electric unicycle forum with this subforum as "byproduct"..

Anyhow - before you start messing around with some "internals" i'd recommend to first carefully read this linked post with the tips.  That is something you defenitely do not want to happen while measuring/fiddling around in your opened hoverboard:

Second point is, that you check all you connections if they are ok. Not only visual, but also measuring if the battery voltage is available from the charging port to the battery and from there to the motherboard...

Also look if there is maybe some fuse used in your hoverboard, which could be burned and needs to be exchanged?

Then you'd have to find the BMS of the battery cells. Imho with some hoverboard it is not directly with the cells as normally with electric unicycles? Or you have one with UL??? certified batteries (with BMS and everything else "heavily" enclosed)

Once you found your BMS you can look if some over(dis)charge protection Mosfets did not survive.

Last step would be to check the individual cell voltages, if one/some of the cells are bad and need to be replaced (or the whole pack, depending on your skills and expertise....)

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