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Airweel Q1 in real conditions : review


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Hi all.

I'm a new user in the world of the unicycle. I bought last month an Airwheel Q1 for 110 USD ! 
after 10 minutes I was already able to use it and after one day was totaly confident at start.
I use it every day to go to work, it's very stable and easy to drive. Very convenient to make interchange in public transports. 
I juste think it's a bit too slow (my weight is 93 kg...)  
The cruise spead is between 11 and 12 km;h and autonomy around 12 km (i will update later this post with a distance test..
I have recorded today a trip with my gps watch (10km). You can find attached the detail of the trip : instant speed, altitude ...

Airwheel Q1 real conditions test.xls

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