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ACM enhanced - new lights front and back


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Changed the headlight SMD with about 80 Lumen(right) to 300 Lumen(left) output. The new one is the same like the SMD from Cateye Volt300. Forgot to make pictures before and after. Unfortunately... But it's really bright right now :)

Now I just hope the heat dissipation works well enough :unsure:




Add some SMD to the backlight. Second picture is the original LED strip. Third pic with the modification.

LED stripe.jpgbacklight new.jpg

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13 hours ago, Smoother said:

Nice job.  Do you have the details of the front light; make, model, cost, supplier? Thanks



You can use stuff like this. In addition with a resistor and a lens.

I used the LED from my old cateye bicycle front light. It has 300 lm and that is enough for my. One guy used a 534 lm LED. But in my opinion you have to be carful cause that's a lot of heat too. And you'll dazzle others...

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Some other people told me, my front light is to bright and fading them. It's because of the bright-white Color and my 7° horizontal calibration. That's why I designed and printed a thing to prevent fading.

Also made a thing that holds the additional LED-stripes in my rear light better in place.



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