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Firmware update 1.0.5, Ninebot S2


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Just got a request to update FW on my Ninebot One S2 to v1.0.5. I am currently on 1.0.4.

Changes listed in v1.0.5 are as follows:

1. Changed the Power Save Mode beeping sound.

2. Enhanced gyroscope functionality.

3. Enhanced Battery Management System.

4. Improved low battery riding experience.

5. Added shipping mode feature.

6. Improved tilt back functionality.


Haven't updated my Ninebot yet since it is riding fine for me.

Wondering if anyone else has updated their S2 and how it is going for them.


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2 hours ago, Alex2002 said:

Hello, I have it updated and now it goes much more softer. Before the acceleration was to high. Braking is more softer as well. No error noticed. Goes fine.


If it aint broke - don't fix it.

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