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Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - LiPo battery issue


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Hello All.

We've been having lots of various discussions about batteries, and the possibility of combustion while charging.  

Well it seems now that Samsung is having an issue with their new Note 7 phones.  There have been 35 cases of the phones caught fire while charging, and Samsung has issued a recall of millions of units.  Additionally these new phones with large batteries have been banned from flights (or users have been told not top use them on flights) due to the potential fire hazard.

Samsung says that they have been buying batteries from two sources, and one of them had been supplying defective batteries.  Perhaps this will now focus some attention on the production of batteries, and their overall quality.  

Additionally, perhaps this will lead to a certification of batteries, and increased quality, and MAYBE with these new quality standards / certifications, we will be allowed to bring our wheels on airplanes...  Maybe...




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What I would like to know is which company delivered the bad batt, some Chinese subcontractor that promised to slice an exta % off the production price, in which case these problems are not a big surprise to members of the forum?

Or was it a reputed Japanese brand that tried to push the performance envelope a bit too much?

The last 10 years, almost every month you hear about a new breakthrough in the battery world, new compositions, higher e-density, lighter weight, faster charging, etc......but we are basically still using the same batteries as 15year ago, be it at a lower cost.

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Just to put "risk" and "danger" into perspective: 35 of 2.5 million, that is 1.4 per 100,000, is far, far smaller than the probability to die within the next year if you are young and healthy, which is above 100 per 100,000 (and likely somewhat below 1000 per 100,000).

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