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A Condom for InMotion V5F+

Boxer Rebellion

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Now that I have your attention...LoL. Let me explain.

I had a couple of falls while initially practicing on the V5F+, scratched up the handle a bit, and wanted a cosmetic fix. As a remedy, I thought of a couple of cosmetic options; paint, truck bed spray liner, or powder coating. All the above mentioned options add costs and a bit of labor.

I decided to use a bicycle inner tube to slip over the V5F+ handle. The fold-able handle was supplied by Jason McNeil at eWheels when I purchased the InMotion EUC. It looks great and functions well, but I couldn't stand looking at the scratches caused by my accident, so I fixed it with a bicycle inner tube. Now it looks and feels great.

CAUTION: use of a lubricant (silicon spray or WD40) to slip the inner tube over the handle is a must...Some of you guys are probably a pro with lubricant.

Best, and feel free to try:D








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