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EU vs Electric Scooter


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I have already bought the X3, Q1, Ninebot One, Airboard, so time to try the electric scooter.  I bought the E Twow 2, which is the lightest model out there.

I really like how I can jump off and push it on busy cross walk or crowed area, any time I want, where normally I would have to pick up and carry my EU.

The speed of the E Twow is quite impressive, it is more efficient and more safe on a smooth road where you can go as fast as you want.  I don’t have that constant fear of face planting or not braking fast enough.

The EU is better on bumpy road and uphills because of the bigger motor and wheels, the E Twow needs a few kick going up some hill.  It can recharge itself going downhill however, and it works!

The EU looks cooler, especially the Ninebot, it attracts way more attention.   Most people just think I have a normal scooter, some people might notice when I go really fast.

The EU require a lot more skill and more satisfying.  It takes a few minutes to learn to ride the scooter, and you can’t do any tricks on an electric scooter.


Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 11.45.05 am.png

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