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Any shocking or funny experience(s) with Electric Unicycle?

Simon Tay

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You can absorb most of the momentum with your back leg if you fall while going backwards.


Never ever ever ever try to "show how amazing" something is, those demonstrations never go right.  Realize that when showing off, your concentration is partially on who is watching, so your capabilities will degrade.  Instead practice a set pattern of things you do when no one is watching and do that exactly when someone asks.

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In the evening I usually put bicycle led lights on each pedal of the Airwheel in a way that the lights point to the ground. This way I can imitate an "under neon" effect on both sides.

One night I was wearing a black cap, black leather jacket and jeans (it was quite cold).


When a group of young guys noticed me, they started to sing together the Star Was Imperial March theme... :) (I guess I seemed too futuristic to them.)

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