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Damn nearly got myself killed - by my own stupidity

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I had my first total fall today after 170km or so - I'm reporting it here because it taught me a lesson and maybe my experience will help others.

Put simply, when crossing a major road from one garage entrance slope to one the other side, I thought it was clear both ways, but having dropped down the "departure" slope into the actual road, I realised there was a cyclist approaching at considerable speed and I was going to be right in his path.  So I leaned back to reverse, but of course hit the bump at the start of the slope back onto the footpath, and was immediately pitched off forwards into the middle of the road.  I very rapidly got back onto my feet and scrambled back onto the footpath, grabbing the Mini Pro which was kind of oscillating at the edge of the road, and made it to safety just as a batch of cars reached me.  The nearest must have seen what happened and kindly slowed down to ensure I was ok, but I hate to think what would have happened if I had done the same thing with cars approaching a second or two earlier.

Memo to self -

If your realise you've made a mistake, jumping off quickly backwards may be the safest thing to do.  But crossing a major road might best be done on foot with the Mini Pro switched off, pulling it behind.  (Why switched off?  Because here at least, mine doesn't like being walked briskly forwards with the power on - it tries to slow down by tipping right back, which can be a problem if you need to make quick progress).

Memo to Segway -

I'm finding that sometimes I keep on board when I should get off, or keep the power on when it should be powered down, so as not to lose the journey readings in the app.  Maybe if they could be memorised and recalled it would be better?

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I second that, crossing street with Segway off. If you hit a unexpected big bump or pothole you could be thrown off and with people around, the Segway  could run away and hit someone . Also not all the wheelchair ramps may be clear and you maybe stuck on the curb and not able to get off. Also if a random car is turning or you see it unexpectedly you may not react correctly on the Segway and could get hit. Also with other pedestrians I noticed they all give you funny looks by riding so close to them .

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I think the key thing to remember is that once you've gone off the sidewalk into the road on the Segway, there's no going back, whereas if you are on your own two feet, you step off the curb, and if you then realise you've made a mistake, you simply step back.

Another tip - when I fell off, I was wearing tough leather gardening gloves as I always do, and I took most of the fall on my hands without fear of grazing them.  Consequently apart from the a very slight graze on my knee, no damage to self or clothes.

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Best do a roll fall as 'karate' fighters do, having your hand/arms take the blunt force can break your arm, don't ask.... 

 I tried pulling a unpowered mini with a strap, is not possible as I would thought, it kept looping around and around...you do need a solid 'pole'...

Yes, I noticed the tilting if you walk the mini, but the damn thing wants to run if you leave it alone (balance issues)... So, if you pull a 'resisting' mini, will you able to charge the battery???

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also slow down when going down steep hills because the mini adjusts so you dont fall over but it also makes the angle of the wheels that are hitting the ground very small witch is responsible for why it feels hard to control and you eventually fall off here is a hideous drawing to show it: 

Fresh Paint-2017.10.25-10.17.43.jpg

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