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Better than Ninebot One P??


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I think better to combine all the other discussion about comparisons wheels of Ninebot.
Yes, I know that everyone is interested in the answer to this question.
Therefore, it is necessary to discuss here in a constructive dialogue.
Everyone knows that Ninebot (Segway), is the most popular brand among electric vehicles. The flagship among the entire wheel line is Ninebot One P.
Therefore I propose to compare the rest of the wheels with this wheel.
Technical characteristics:
Max speed 30km. \ H.
Max distance: 30km.
Wheel diameter 16 inches
Battery: Li-ion 340 Wh max output power: 30A * (4.2v per cell * 15.) = 1890W.
waterproof: ipv67 (optional)
Metal carcass. 
Weight: 13kg.
Optionally, it is possible to install batteries to 5. Capacity: 340Wh * 5 = 1700 Wh. Or 3 * 340Wh = 1020 (For lower weight)
Type of battery cells: LG HG2 18650
There is improved (improvement of the strength) telescopic handle, version 2. T shaped.
There is an improved (improved stability) parking, version 2. In plastic.


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The first wheel for comparison: King Song 16.
Somewhere there is a list of his flaws, but I do not want to be given in detail. Let us dwell on the fact that it can be easily pressed through. As seen in this video:


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