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looking for a used NINEBOT one 16" in Europe


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I'm looking for a ninebot 16" in reasonable condition, I do not care that the body is in good condition , but I'm interested in working bluetooth connection and that the batteries are not too shabby, I do not write an offer because the price will depend on the state of the means proposed,  (for the shipment, I live in italy)

Thanks for the attention :)

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If you are still interested I am selling my Ninebot One E+

Its nearly 1 year old (Sept. 2015) with 2206km now.

I am selling it because I got a bigger one (Kingsong)

the batteries are still very good - range ist about 17-20km for me

I also bought a pair of blue outer Shells and a trolley handle from ninebot in June which are both nearly new!

Im from Innsbruck/Austria.

Price for everything excl. package would be 550,- Euro


L.G. :)

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hello @DrSoong,
Sorry I'm late but I was on vacation
I was hoping to spend less, you're too exorbitant for shy piggy bank, thanks anyway for the offer, but I was hoping to find something at a lower price ...:rolleyes:    

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