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How to install a trolley on MCM4 HS?

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On 7/29/2016 at 3:41 PM, Chrisjones said:

How to install the trolley on MCM4 HS? anyone can point out a good YT video showing that?


Thanks in advance!

@Chrisjones do you have a original trolley from gotway?

If you got it with your mcm4 and if you are from Brussels or near i could help you to install it! ;)

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Hello yes i have an original one! I figured it out but was wondering if there was a youtube video. (i should have done one)

I believe what people should know is that you need to remove screw from the pedals and then insert the big black ones into the pedals.

I had some difficulties as the sizes are not completely good and it needed some re-alignement in order to fit correctly.

Thanks for proposing help by the way! 

I installed it at the back, but did anyone tried to install it at the front? (is it easier to drag like a suitcase?)

Also it might be obvious to say but it's much more easier to keep the MCM on if you use the trolley. 

Thanks for sharing experience!

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Don't tighten the screws too much, otherwise the washers will block and damage the pedals and case (yup, that's how I got the first scratches on my unit). I've also replaced the tie wraps with a piece of metal wire - tie wraps just kept breaking - super inconvenient when in a middle of a trip. It's also a good idea to put some duct tape or other protection in places where the handle touches the shell. It always moves a bit, and deeply scratches the plastic of the shell quite fast.

The handle works for me definitely best on the back of the wheel - otherwise your knees touch it in a very uncomfortable way. Also, it's (at first counterintuitively) much easier to push the powered wheel with the handle back. Otherwise, when you pull the powered wheel with the handle on the front side, it accelerates and starts turning uncontrollably. When not powered, I found it also easier to push it at an angle than to pull behind.

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