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hey all, potential buyer here and i am looking for feedback to see if the minipro is what im looking for.


im in the market for a small (but high quality) electric transport to get around on a golf course while having a carry bag of golf clubs strapped to my back (20 lbs + my 190 lbs). a lap around a golf course will only be about 5 miles so the range should be fine, and speed isnt a concern as im not looking to outrun golf carts or anything (just have similar speed).


here is a video of early models of the golfboard ($6500) where they ride carrying clubs as i plan to do on the minipro-



my question is this- hands free operation of the mini seems like it'd work fine, but id like to add the handlebar. mounting the bars isnt a problem, but does having it mounted change the mini's ability to self balance when a rider is not onboard? having it hands free seems like i could just ride up to my ball, step off, hit my shot, step back on and be on my way. if adding the bars doesnt allow it to freestand.... would i have to turn it off and back on every time i stopped to play a shot?


adding the bars isnt a must, but something id like to do as there will be a small amount of harsh terrain negotiation from time to time.



thanks for any help.

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If you add handle bar it will not stand on its own, meaning you be picking it up at every hole or everytime you get off the machine... why would you want to do that and pay more for it?

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1 hour ago, MetricUSA said:

 why would you want to do that and pay more for it?

because it would give me a place to mount my gps & etc if i wish. plus id kind of like to avoid this sort of thing-




im just weighing whether the ninebot is up to the task, hence my question.

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I thought I would share a video of the cart I made for the segway ninebot s plus (or mini plus).  It works well and is very stable.  I have attached a link to a youtube short video of me using it for a 18 hole round of golf on a cold day (5'C).  Anyways - please send me a note if you are interested in seeing more pictures etc.




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