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Looking for Ninebot Mini Pro handlebar

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On 7/22/2016 at 8:19 AM, Dannyar said:

Link to the one you found? I have yet to find an actual handlebar that fits a mini pro. they are all for the ninebot mini.

I asked the same question from multiple sellers. Someone suggested the following replacement.  I am still researching. 

" Hi friend, you need to replace the Rotary AXIS by the following one, so that this handbar could be installed on Ninebot Mini Pro:
http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/182225792125 "

This was to make the following handlebar work with Mini Pro


I also found one on Amazon


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i was thinking of making my  own using a piece of thick walled pvc tubing and molding the end to shap of the revobable bar.. the trianglur shap.. and even add a way to tighten it by making a slit in the pvc and attaching tube clamps which i cud then use to tighten to desire level. then on other end i cud use all kinds of pvc tube attachments to fabricate different hendle barss etc.. 

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Good idea with the PVC tube, as long as it's rigid enough and does not flex.

I think a full length bar would be a better choice than having to modify the existing knee bar, especially if we could fit the standard quick release lock at the lower end.

That way it would only take seconds to switch between knee and handle bars.

Please post your PVC design once you have made it.

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