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***SOLD*** - As good as new - Freeman (Free@man) A4H 348wh - £325


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Hi guys,

After some deliberation, and having put 60-70 miles on my Freeman, I've decided it's not the right wheel for me (I need 16"/18" for the distance I'm now commuting).

It's on eBay at the moment (eBay), but if someone wants to offer me £375, it's yours !

It is a very soft riding style (probably like a 6 on a Ninebot), which some people won't like, but once your moving, it works really well. 

I've not been brave enough to try the top speed, but the first buzzer kicks in at 23/24km/h which on a 14" wheel feels really fast !

My commute is 7 miles through London, which is pretty flat, but after 7 miles, I still have 4 of the 8 battery lights on - so I would say it should be good for at least 13 miles (20 km).  I'm 6ft tall & weigh about 92kgs, so if you weight less, you'll go further ! 

Specs :
500w motor
348wh battery (LG batteries) - so this alone is most of the cost of the wheel !
There are 3 speed warnings (apparently) and then pedal tilt - but I've only ever hit the first beeps !
14" wheel
Built in speed display (which testing this morning, seems fairly accurate)
Built in front/rear LED's - these are to be seen with, rather than for seeing where you are going in the dark !
Silicone side covers (not much padding, but really sticky if you want to jump)
Comes with :
Trainer wheels
Learner strap
Valve extension
UK & Euro plugs for power supply
Knee pads
Basic instruction manual
Comes fully boxed

Viewing is possible in Central London (where I work), and further pictures/video are available on request.

PLEASE don't buy this as a first wheel - it may only be small, but it packs quite a punch, and I don't want someone bailing !





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I hate ebay - or the people that use it....

Wheel still for sale - will now take £325 & will deliver inside the M25 or anywhere in Kent for that price.

Postage may be an option, but a lot of couriers now don't want the batteries ! :(

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Yup - bought another wheel and forgot to cancel.

The other bidder has just disappeared from ebay despite a "2nd chance offer" for 3 days - so its back on ebay again....

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