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Replacing cells: LG MJ1 or Samsung 35E?


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I'm about to let 1radwerkstatt upgrade my 144wh batterypack to 258wh by replacing the cells in my Inmotion V3.

Question: Does anyone know which cells I should choose, the LG MJ1 or Samsung 35E? 

Is there much of a difference between the two?

Thanks! ? 

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There's some good info on the eBike forums endless-sphere.com about this topic—a couple of the regular contributors even do their own cell lifecycle analysis! From what recall, the LGs or Sanyo GAs have edge in lifecycle. I would go with Chris's @1RadWerkstatt recommendation, he definitely knows his business, unquestionably the most technically proficient seller around! ;)

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Batterys are have so many things in it :D

With all fact´s for me is the 35E a little (little little) better but the price is more expensive.

Capacity and inner resistance are not the only important things..


And Jason, thanks for the recommendation!



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Yes it is a good cell but not for EUC´s the best...

You ask me to many secret fact´s :P

What is the reason for HG2 useage? in 16S2P 40A current continuous???for what this?? 2400 Watts continuous....a normal Wheel require around 150W to 200W continuous...

+ in Wheels with 16S4P or more Capacity is more important than inner resistance

In a Rockwheel GP14 (with 16S1P) the HG2 right placed


The rest is secret....;)


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