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Ninebot APP description in Chinese


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Dear all,

As I'm trying to gather as much information as possible before I make a purchase, I found the description of the ninebot app in google play store is in Chinese instead of my phone language (Dutch). I'm suing Samsung. I tried my friends phone (Huawei) and the result was the same.

Do you guys have the same problem?

Thank you.

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4 minutes ago, SuperSport said:

According to the Apple App Store, here are the available languages:

  • Languages: English, Arabic, French, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese

@SuperSport I don't mean the APP language. I mean the APP description displayed in Google Play Store. Sorry I wan't very clear.


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17 minutes ago, cloudust said:

@SuperSport One E+. It's too bad there is no prime day sales in Europe. Otherwise I'll add a miniPro to my list.

Yeah, I picked up a Mini Pro on Prime day.  Awesome Deal!  My wife is going to be able to ride with me now.

I also ride an E+.  Great wheel!  If you need more distance than 13 miles, or more speed than 12mph, you might want to look at another wheel.  But the E+ is a GREAT riding wheel.  You won't be disappointed in the ride or comfort.

Only problem is that while learning, people tend to tip over a lot on their first wheel.  The NineBot will show damage easily.  Be sure to cover it well, or expect to replace covers after learning if you want it to look pristine.  (Not sure if this is your first wheel)

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