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Great advice!  With something like this that gets a lot of vibration in use, it would be a good scheme regularly to go over the bolts and check them for tightness, and take immediate action if any part shows signs of becoming loose or wobbly.  Your video usefully shows some bolts which are not obvious unless you remove stickers/covers.

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The screws should be sealed with Loctide (blue Color).

This is used at almost all screws on the Ninebot and should prevent that screws get loose while riding.

You can buy a Little can of Loctide (or similar product) and put it on the screws to make sure that this is not Happening again.

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I just want to add, that the latter 2 bolts (the low ones behind the red knob) you might want to be a little bit loose intentionally, if you travel a lot on gravel roads, meadows or other rough terrain.

If these are screwed in completely, then the stick reacts poisonous on every little touch from your knee, or on sudden left and right shocks just because you are riding on rough surface, and thats usually not what you want, believe me. :-)

Having the stick a little bit loose, you can ride across gravel, holes and bumps in meadows and things like that, without the device suddenly turning slightly left or right, which makes the ride unsmooth, or even can send you off unexpectedly. :-)

You wouldn't believe on which terrain you can ride with the Mini without problems, if you leave the stick loose a little bit.

Xelvic, if you have 3, you can easily try it, loosen the screws a little bit on one, and on  another leave them screwed in completely.

Then ride first the one with the loose stick quite fast across meadows or a gravelroad, and then the one with the fix stick, but at the 2nd ride be careful. :-)

I'm quite sure you'll recognize a difference.

And, with the slightly loose stick you still can drive short and long slaloms easily, I believe even better than with a fix one, because you have a small space in the middle where it does not react immediately on every mistake the rider is doing. For me at least I must say, it makes riding on rough terrain easier, if the stick is a little bit loose.

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They all take standard metric size hex keys. Buy a metric set if you don't have one :) They are only a few dollars at discount stores, and about $36 for the stainless-steel top-notch kit from Wera (via Amazon).

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