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Hy Community...and specially KS18 riders,

does anybody have a good solution for a KS18 trolley or an idea howto push it better when not driving?

As i am 1,80 Meter(5,9 feet) i already have Problems to "push" the wheel when i am not driving it....if your are greater/higher than 1,80 or 6 feet you really have to make your back crooked!

I have not seen any Trolley solution for this for the KS18 or better: did not find any in the www :-)

perhaps @Bryan Wells ??

Any idea's or solution's you have and would like to share? (i already saw your vid for the pedals, what i would replicate...but my KS already has the rubber pedals....but good Job!)


Thanks for your help!


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I visit minutely! :lol:  Or maybe it seems like I do :ph34r:.  Darn work and sleep always get in the way.

Ok, you need to get this:


How high is your seat cushion?  I wonder if you wrapped the Add a Handle around the seat cushion and handle whether that would be secure enough to move the wheel around.  The Add a Handle only adds a couple of inches in height.  How many do you need?  Or you can get some of your own Velcro, sew on some rubber grippy pieces where it touches the handle, and fashion your own handle by wrapping some FibreFix around a short piece of rubber garden hose into a handle / squarish loop shape to which you can attach it to the KS18 handle with the Velcro.  You could even maybe loosen and swing it to one side when not in use so it remains attached for carrying. 

Maybe @Rehab1 has some more ideas as I believe he does some custom work so he's probably quite handy!

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i also look very minute i got....deeply into EUC's at this time :-)


thanks for your tipps...but the "add a handle" will not make it...to low at all...and not able to fix it the seat cushion


i have got something in mind which you cand bend out from the original handle....but still would be able to put the seat cushion over it! hard to describe for me and my drawing abilties are worst than my english....and thats bad at all :-)

more something like the Inmotion solution on the v5f... yeah...i want try something like this....

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I wish i would be somewhere with more unicyclers....so that i could take a look if it can be possible to make the Inmotion v5 trolley fit...

For sure it would Need some Workarounds, but perhaps? But here araound no Chance to see one.....

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no risk...no Fun....

i ordered a Inmotion v5 trolley....and will try to work on it till it is a good solution for the KS18 :-)

My hope is to set it up on the middle of The Ks18...do some bending/bondage whatever....will at the end try to cut away something from the seat cushion....and hope that it makes (just a little bit) sense :-)


if so: i will report...if not i stay quiet and just help others not to do the same fault :ph34r:

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50 minutes ago, Planetpapi said:

@KingSong69where did you order the V5F handle and how much? I may try to bend/weld/velcro it to NB One. 




attention: the 50 bucks are singapore dollars...with package and sending its about 76 singapore dollar =50 Euro

everywhere else where i saw it...it was more than double....

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8 hours ago, HunkaHunkaBurningLove said:

I wonder if this extendable trolley handle might be adapted to fit the KS18 handle?


Hmmmh...That would then more look like the solution from jrkline...but with the disadvantage that the trolley is a lot vertical over the handle....

And I still want to use the seat somehow :-)

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