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King Song firmware changelog


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I was asked where the King Song firmware changelog is buried, and after going through the trouble to find it, thought it should have its own topic to locate it more easily.

Here's what's known so far:

  • V1.13 & 1.15  some wheels have shipped with these, but no idea what's the difference
  • V1.16 has update over-power issue. over-power is occur when the balance has reached a limit
  • V1.17 we have updated burn-fuse issue, update current.
  • V1.18 has updated the total mileage calculation error.  
  • V1.19 is same as V1.18
  • V1.20 fix unicycle block while upgrading, add low-voltage speed limitation feature 
    •  Tilt back is pushed down to 28kmh at the 50% battery mark with 57v
    • at 45% battery-  26kmh alarm/tilt triggered
    • at 35% battery- 25kmh alarm/tilt triggered
    • at 25% battery -23-24kmh alarm/tilt triggered

Please post updates when new versions come available, or if you know further details about any of the older or current versions.

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