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King Song Factory Visit Notes

Jason McNeil

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King Song Factory Visit:
Last week while in Shenzhen, I was invited to the King Song factory by forum member, Tina​. To me King Song is an interesting vendor, since they've introduced certain safety features & have substantially more resources for product development than their smaller cousin Gotway. 

About a week before I received a King Song sample & while the ride quality was pretty good & the performance excellent, I had a list of build issues that I brought up with Tina—I've been dealing with Electric Wheel manufacturers for over & a year & half now & in my experience it's pretty typical that when describing what I think are design flaws/oversights the instinctive reaction of many manufacturer reps is to be on the defensive,  denying there is anything wrong or less than perfect with their product, so was pleasantly surprised by KS's/Tina's open & honest responses to my criticisms. 

When given the factory tour, I was immediately impressed by the degree of QC testing each Wheel undergoes, where every single control-board/Wheel combination is subjected to dyno testing to verify the power output really does produce the advertised 500W sustained. I've visited a couple other factories before but this is the first time I've seen this degree of individual component QC.  

I was also very sceptical about the strength of the shell, as it seemed considerable thinner than the structures from the other brands;  the demonstration of this torture test soon dispelled any doubts about this:

A charge that has been leveled against King Song was that it was nothing more than the Gotway dressed up in a different skirt. While this might been the case with the first-generation Wheels, I'm assured (& there is fairly good evidence to show) that this is no longer true. King Song now produce their own control-board, different Wheel/motors, & shell design, app, etc. With their commitment to R&D & their understanding that the competing claims of absolute maximum performance should be balanced by intelligent safety controls—such as setting the speed limit through the app—I think will give them an edge in the Wheel development race.

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Thank you Jason for the very informative visit.

A good smell test about King Song dedication would be to ask them about the BMS problem : http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/459-electric-unicycles-bms-problem-and-solution/#comment-4666

Since they are better than GW, not hard to believe that, I presume it's "problem solved".

I would definitively like to know the feedback.

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Thanks @hobby16, I put this question to the engineering team.

Alas, no 16" Wheel on the short-horizon. I was told they had a prototype which was basically an adaption of the 14", with arm extensions, but they didn't think it good enough for production grade.

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