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[SOLD] Ninebot One E+ (possibly) for sale... Rochdale, UK Pickup only...

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Hi there. I am THINKING of selling my Ninebot One E+. It will depend on how much I can get for it but if it is sold it will be pickup only from Rochdale, Lancashire, UK.

Going off Speedyfeet UK's current prices as that is where I bought it and it's accessories from it's -

1 x Ninebot One E+ (fitted with blue outer shells) Serial No. N10 - £745.96

2 x Attachment bracket @ £9.95 each = £19.90

1 x Parking stand - £18.95

1 x Spare 320wh battery - £289.96

Total = £1074.77

I am looking to get £450 OVNO (I want to buy new bikes and helmets for my kids). There is slight damage to the leg supports and casing (I need to take the blue outer shells off and give them a clean). The handle is fine and the Ninebot runs perfect. I think it's on the latest firmware. I have had it nearly 10 months and have done just over 1000 miles. The spare battery hasn't had much use and the parking stand isn't currently fitted in favour of front and rear attachment brackets which I was using for lights which can be thrown in if needed. It has the original tire in perfect condition - I have had no punctures.

Unfortunately I can't offer the valve extender for pumping up the tire as I use that with my Gotway ACM.

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