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What you need know before you downgrade Mini Xiaomi or Mini Pro

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Everyday a new user want downgrade, and many questions are repetitive, here for you all you needs for downgrade

@Denniss & @Alexander or other active member: if i forget some important point please notify me by PM Thank you


1- don't be afraid, it's easy to do,

  • Bad firmware version are V1.2.7 & V1.2.8,
  • Downgrade process is for come back to V1.1.7 only.
  • Dont use Ninebot app version V3.6/3.6.1 for downgrade, could brick your Mini


2- An Android device from a friend, why? Because you need a Ninebot App previous version 3.6/3.6.1,

It's seems with IOS you cant obtain previous versions,  you can dowload here in the forum V3.5.1


3- If first try doesnt work, please try fill DNS1 and DNS2, or ask the forum


4- After downgrade,  you can use your iphone with other app version 3.6... 


5- Each time you will open your app, appear a message for upgrade firmware please click "cancel"


6- Mini Xiaomi & Mini Pro are running with the same firmware and app, 


7- Enjoy riding your Mini Xiaomi or your Mini Pro


link to apk android previous for download

link to Downgrade methods by Denniss & Alexander



Please don't post question here

thank you





Please don't post question here

thank you








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