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Pinwheel T1 almost one year later


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Hey Guys,

Just an update.  I have been using my Pinwheel T1 for almost year now without issue.  I haven't had any unexpected shut offs at any battery level, nor has it had any operational hiccup so far.  The only issue recently, is that the last LED doesn't light after a full charge, so I'm not sure if its the battery or the charger.  I plan to test it with another charger from a two wheel scooter. 

I have been using mine for for fun, some 1 mile+ commutes, especially now that the weather is warm and even as my ride home when leaving my car at the mechanics, which is a good distance away. The longest trip was about 4 miles.

I recently got a Garmin Edge 520 GPS bike computer to track my biking and mounted it on my T1 to see distance and speed.  What i got was a top speed of 8.75 mph and an average of 6.64 on a 1 mile, very windy day, street commute. On a speed run using GPS, I got the speed warning around 9+ mph. 


(You can see I taped my camera housing in case I fell.)

So as I said, one year later and all is well, I'm definitely like this scooter.  Its been very reliable so far and seen it's fair share of drops and new riders trying it out. 








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