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Ninebot One Pro will not be sold in the USA! WHY!


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It has come to my attention tonight from Jake Bunch of Forward California that the Ninebot One Pro will not be sold in the United States. Segway has decided not to release the Pro version in the states. I asked Jake if it was ok to release this information on the forum and he stated yes. Below is his reply to my interest in purchasing the Pro.

Hi Daniel, 
You can pass it on and also encourage people to contact Segway inc and let them know that the United States wants the Ninebot One P.  Personally I do not think that it is fair that the rest of the world gets the P and the US doesn't.  All that does is create a "black market" for that product. 
On Tue, Jun 21, 2016 at 5:03 PM, <Danielcoleco@aol.com> wrote:
Hi Jake:
Ouch...wonder if it is a liability issue? Is this information confidential or can it be passed onto other EUC members?
In a message dated 6/21/2016 7:15:09 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, jake@forwardca.com writes:
Hi Daniel, 
Thanks for contacting Forward California. To answer your question, unfortunately I do not think we will be able to carry the Ninebot One P. I'm sorry to say Segway has decided not to offer it to the US market. Let me know if you have any other questions. 
Jake Bunch 
FORWARD california | the future of personal transportation 
office   1-844-NINEBOT
mobile (707) 815-7133

On Jun 21, 2016, at 4:35 AM, Improved Contact Form <noreply@improvedcontactform.com> wrote:
We all need to contact Segway and find out why the United States is being excluded from being able to purchase the Ninebot One Pro. As Jake stated, this maladroit business decision on Segway's part will only create a black market that will drive up the costs. This will financially hurt the USA dealers and it's customers. Contact Segway immediately, corporate headquarters ph # 603.222.6000
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Segway's corporate tel: 1- 603-222-6000 in the USA

Sales and support tel:1-866-473-4929

Media Center tel:1.866.960.8575

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Forward California is a reliable source. Also after numerous failed attempts to speak with someone at Segway about the matter it just proves they do not want the public to become aware of their maladroit decision.

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1 hour ago, Rehab1 said:

Forward California is a reliable source

They certainly have good prices. I noticed, however, no mention of P.

Also, what happened to that cool flame edition (I think Hunka Hunka Burning Love got one there)? Forwardca is the only place I ever saw that, but now it's not there.

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I think they all sold out.  Those were very good prices for the Flame edition that @SuperSport brought to everyone's attention, and I was surprised that the stock lasted as long as it did.  For a custom shelled NB1E+ with free shipping on top under $500 US (I got mine at the limited $450 pricing!) with a 320 wh battery it was an incredibly good sale.  We tried to tell everyone in that one thread so people did have their fair chance of grabbing one.  The classic white version is still on sale for $550 if anyone still wants one.

There must be some corporate reason why Ninebot is not bringing the P to the US.  They still might feel that their control board issues haven't been completely sorted out yet for heavier North American riders.  Maybe they feel that the S2 has a better chance of sales in this market due to it's lighter weight and small size.  The NB1 series weighs a ton to lug around unless you attach a trolley handle.  Maybe they are dealing with some disgruntled P owners or ones that have had accidents on them.  There's usually some reason, but we're just not privy to it.

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