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Introdution and advice request


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Hello forum members,

My name is Fred, I'm from Brazil but I'm currently living in Canada.

I've always been a big fan of EUC´s since the invention of Solowheel.

Once this wheel was always toooooooo expensive I've never considered purchasing ir, but in 2013, IPS launched their first wheels, for 1/3 the price of Solowheel, and then I decided to buy a IPS101.

It was a huge effort trying to learn how to use that new device, but after some time I was finally able to ride it with an average ballance.

The problem is that my country is still not prepared to see these kind of devices in the streets due to security issues (ex: risk of being attacked while riding it outside) and for this reason I've given up using it.

But now I´m in Canada! Here is  pretty safe and flat and then I decided to buy a new wheel to start from the beggining (since my IPS stayed in Brazil). :)

I've been researching about this subject for the last 15 days to figure out what would be the best EUC to learn from scratch again.

I´m thinking about purchasing TG-T3, that is being offered for $299 (+$30 shipping) at Banggood. This seems to be a strong and cheap model to start. On the other hand I know that this model has a weak engine and low power battery.

Here are my questions to the specialists:

1) Dou you believe that TG-T3 really a good EUC to start with?

2) Do you know if Banggood is trustable?

3) Do you believe that the TG-T3 sold on this shop are originals? Or they can be fake copies?

4) What happens if the EUC comes damaged or defective?

Thank you very much!


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Hi Fred , welcome to the forum . I am from Salvador-Bahia . I live in UK and love eucs.

I had an airwheel x3 which is more and less the same of the t3 i reckon  . I recently updated to a IPS 121 and the power and  quality of the ride is awesome. It is a 16 inch , so much more stable , 1000w sustained power , one of the strongest wheel availiable at the moment  and 340 wh so good range. If you already mastered the wheel and can afford it. It  has one of the best quality price ratios but it do not have the lights and apps and the design is espartan. To summ up it is one of the best all rounder in my humble opinion and the price is good compared with other wheels with similar specs. The guy that sold me the IPS is from Canada and is on this forum (Jason Mcneil). His store is wheelgo.co.UK  If you go to his online store you can find more information about the IPS 121 and comparisons with other wheels , he also sells nineboats

hope this help you

boa sorte e bons ventos


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Hello Luiz,

Thank you very much for your answer.

I visited the wheelgo website, but the wheels in there are actually out of my budget for now.

Provided that I´m able to learn how to ride this first wheel, my next step will be to get a better one.

But now I´m really unsure about buying or not the TG-T3 due to the reasons I´ve written previously on this post, hehehe.

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At least Wheelster ( http://wheelster.com/ ) is located in Canada, it could be easier to deal with a domestic web shop than ordering abroad, but the cheapest one they have seems to be HX H1 : http://wheelster.com/categories/electric-unicycles/hx.html   Don't know if it's too high for your budget, it only shows the euro-price to me, and don't know anything about the brand or model.

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