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Gotway iOS App?


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With this new App (I've connected but not rided yet) the "overspeed" issue is solved? Because with the old app the speed was increased more or less 5 Km/h. If this problem is still and the tilltback it's set at 24Km/h (in the reallity 19Km/h) I wouldn't be very happy if I can't ride at 23,1Km/h (my personal High Speed with other GPS test).

Have somebody tested in the app if the Speed it's real or it's "overspeed"?

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On ‎09‎.‎01‎.‎2016 at 10:02 PM, NevNutz said:

It should not work with Msuper2, based on the APP description, it works for models with Bluetooth 4.0. You need to use the old APP to work with the Msuper. They have an old APP that works on unlocked Apple phones. You can also use the android APP as well.

Any link to the old app? I think the iOS device needs jail breaked?

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