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Unknown 16" wheel (30km/h?)


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Anyone seen this before:  http://uk.alibaba.com/product/60261910986-Factory-price-16-One-wheel-electric.html  ? Here's another link with some more details: http://microworks.en.alibaba.com/product/60275913686-801331043/2015_Smart_Products_30_km_h_high_speed_Electric_unicycle_16_inch_One_wheel_self_balance_unicycle_500_w_monocycle_electric.html

 wheel size16"
Alarm Levels3 levels
Speed Max.30 km/h
charging voltage60V  
climbing angle max30 degrees
weight12.6 kg
Loading Max.120kg

16", 260 or 340Wh battery, 500W Motor, 30km/h top speed


Shenzhen Microworks Electronic Mechanical Co., Ltd.       Guangdong, China


Never heard of the manufacturer, but another 16" with 30km/h speed could be nice... the pedals look crappy, and the design is a bit blocky, though.  :D


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Not bad specs...
30km/h is probably the FP speed (face plant).
Wonder if it has tilt back or audible warnings.

​Yeah, looks good on paper, but not that much information, and we know the manufacturers can sometimes exaggerate the specs (especially range), but in this case, the 25-30km per charge sounds at least close to reality (at least with the 340Wh battery). The first wheel I've seen that doesn't require restart after falling down. Impossible to say anything about the quality with just pictures, hope they got the sealing-part done well, at least the pads on the sides could suggest that the batteries and mainboard are accessed from the outside. The pedals look like the usual "gap in the middle" -type, so might be uncomfortable on a longer trip. Aesthetics-wise it doesn't beat the Firewheel (IMHO), but could rival F260 on power and range (with 340Wh), but probably not on ride comfort. I don't think there are any other 16" wheels that can get close to or over 30km/h.

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It sais 3 levels of alarms so it is probably audible speed warning as it is on the GW's.
The specs is not that different from GW14 except for the wheel size and slightly higher top speed :)

Do you know what they are going for? 

Unfortunately my wife would probably go banans if I buy yet another wheel...

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They seem to have the voltage and the charging voltage the wrong way around.

You always need to charge at a higher voltage than the battery, lower just doesn't work.

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