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Level calibration for Gotway 14 MCM (and Gotway 18 Msuper) electric unicycles (tutorial)

John Eucist

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Please can you put this file here or in the download section?

I do not have Facebook and will never use Facebook! (as long I can survive without it)


As I was told there is no english manual or english app with my GotWay 14 comming.

So if any english manual is available I am happy to get this too.





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@Lucas Here's a Speedyfeet video showing the Gotway calibration for ACM/msuper V3/Monster generation of wheels.

It did not work exactly like shown for my ACM, but the principle shown is right. For this reason, I recommend doing a calibration with really extremely tilted pedals, to confirm that how you did it in the end worked (you end up with a wheel with badly tilted pedals in neutral). After that, calibrate to the pedal angle you actually want.


  • Use a real level, not a smartphone app, it's much easier.
  • Keep the wheel upright (NOT tilted sideways, but forwards/backwards pedal tilt can be however you want). If you have the "pedals dipping in curves" problem, this will make sure it goes away.


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