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IPS 350+ Flat Tire

Kendall Lyons

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Hey guys,

So I got a flat tire, I patched it up, and put in a tire liner.

The issue is that whenever I put the tube back in, there seems to appear another hole. I think part of the issue is the valve stem hole is on the side away from the open face- extremely hard to get valve stem through, so not sure if tube is seating properly.


I am extremely frustrated and feel like throwing this thing in the garbage. Does anybody know any place that can repair these? I will pay whatever it takes!!!


Anyone know where to get a 16" heavy duty tube that is the right size?


Please help. Thank you!

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I had this happen on my bicycle and it turned out there was a sharp bit of metal in the tire, so every time I patched the tube and put it back in it would get another flat.  Check the inside of your tire.

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