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Can I safely update firmware to the latest from 1.2.1


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On 5/20/2016 at 0:52 AM, The Fat Unicyclist said:

I swapped wheels with a friend today, and riding a NB1 E+ for the first time I had the same issue. As he had been riding behind me, I showed him your "wobbly Walmart video" and he said it looked exactly the same (although I wasn't wearing pristine Levi shoes that look like they've never actually touched the ground).

What I was aware of was that the pedals were quite different to what I am used to, and I felt a very slight pressure point. Not enough to make my foot visibly "tremble," but enough that the micro-shifts magnified through to the tyre bade it wobble a lot - at least that is how it felt to me. And when my friend rides, he doesn't have that problem. 

And this makes me think... Have you tried other NB1 wheels to compare? Or had other NB1 riders try yours? And what other types of wheel have you ridden too? 

I think that is why Ninebot lets you change the riding settings from 1 to 9.  Then you can choose the setting most comfortable to you  .So you have 9 different Ninebots to compare.  Now I know what their slogan means.  If you have a Ninebot one you actually have 9 different settings so if you get bored, try another setting. (one is all).  It should fit anyone really.  This ties in to what @gunthor said about going from 1 to 9 and learning new skills.  I recommend that @planetpapi do not update but change the riding settings and see if the wobble changes.  Even Ian at speedyfeet mentioned a wobble going on, and he said setting 9 was almost unrideable, but between 1 and 9 probably everyone can find a good one.  I plan to test.  @euc extreme gave me that idea.

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